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Introducing the STOP & SHOP

Unique car related items and some other special interest items will be FOR SALE at the show. We’ve managed to find something for just about every budget, and for anyone.

All of the proceeds benefit the East Texas Crisis Center.

Stop & Shop ends on Sunday at 4:00pm.

If you have car related merchandise you would like to donate to our Stop N Shop, please contact us.

Here are some items you may find at this years show!



Complete Tool Kit

Great tool kit for your car from East Texas Tool Kits on the South loop.


A-Ooo-Ga Horn

Classic Aooga horn from East Texas Aooga Horns on the South loop.

Mystery Car Gift

Mystery Grab Bag of car related gifts from East Texas Car Gifts on the South loop.

Care Care Kit

Classic Car Care Kit from East Texas Car Care Kits on the South loop.


1968 Camaro Model

Model Camaro Drag Car from East Texas Camaro Models on the South Loop.

Coat Rack

Custom coat rack made with real gear shift knobs from East Texas Coat Racks on the South loop.

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